Q. What happened to Peach ’n Berry?
A. Our vendor had changed an ingredient in the flavoring that resulted in the eegee’s not tasting the same, so we stopped offering it until we could get the flavor just right again. The great news is the eegee’s mixologist finally succeeded! Peach ’n Berry is now available for special order with the same delicious taste as you remember and the high standards we have at eegee’s. Go ahead and celebrate with a Fun Pak.

Q. When will you be coming to Phoenix?
A. We are aware of the demand for eegee’s in Phoenix, and if and when we do expand beyond Tucson it will definitely be a market to be considered.

Q. Can I buy a franchise?
A. We are not franchised. We are a family owned business.

Q. Do you ship eegee’s to other states?
A. Yes. Please call 520-889-4066 or email Catering for more information.

Q. How much notice for special flavors?
A. We require 5 days advance notice for special flavor orders.

Q. Do you have a Birthday Club?
A. We have a Silver Circle Club. Being a part of this club gets you 10% off your order and you will receive a Birthday Card during your Birthday month for a free medium eegee’s. The only requirement is that you must be at least 60 years old. Please ask your cashier for a Silver Circle form. Once submitted, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to get you into the system.

Q. Which menu items are gluten free?
A. Our eegee’s, hot dogs, meats (excluding pastrami), salads, chips and fries are gluten free.

Q. I Really want an eegee’s in ____________. Will you put one here?
A. There aren’t any plans at this time to operate outside Southern Arizona.

Q. How do I apply to become a beneficiary of your coupon card program?
A. Please email info@eegees.com to request an application.

Q. Will you donate to The Sisters Of The Poor?
A. Please submit a written request on your organization’s letterhead. Please fax it to 520-295-4417 or email to info@eegees.com.