eegee’s is ranked #1 caterer in Tucson by number of events catered. eegeescatering.com
the amount of french fries we serve in a year
Over$2 million
donated since 1997 to local charities through our coupon card program
Produced1.16milGallonseegee’s Frozen Fruitdrink
eegee’s produced 1.16 million gallons of eegee’s frozen fruit drink in 2013
eegee's now offers sugar free Skinny Berry which is sweetened with natural Truvia.
eegee’s bakes and delivers between 300-450 DOZEN fresh sandwich rolls every day.
eegee’s donates over 8000 rolls each month to Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, Interfaith Community Services and St. Cyrils
eegee’s makes and packages our delicious ranch dressing from scratch with fresh buttermilk
eegee's has 44 hourly employees that have worked here over 10 years
Why is itCalledeegee's
customers called the frozen fruit drink "eegee’s" after the creators nicknames. "e" for Ed Irving and "g" for Bob Greenberg